4th of July Travel

4th of July weekend is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year, and this year looks to be no exception. In fact, a record-setting number of travelers are projected this year on roads alone, with AAA predicting 43 million cars over the weekend. Meanwhile, already overwhelmed security lines in airports around the country will likely be even busier. What can you do to make 4th of July travel easier?

  • Leave early, leave late. That means heading out and returning, respectively. Getting an early start on your way to your vacation destination will help lessen the chance of being stuck in traffic. The same goes for waiting until late in the day to head home.
  • Plan for plenty of extra time. Nobody wants to be stuck waiting for security to clear up before they can board their flight. The rule of thumb is general two hours, but you might want to leave one or even two additional hours earlier—it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Download the right apps. Some travel apps are, let’s face it, not very helpful. Others can help you with everything from finding the closest ATM off the interstate to providing private internet access to avoiding safety concerns on unsecure WiFi networks. This article on travel apps gives you a list of helpful tools.
  • Exercise common sense. While travel tension might currently be high, don’t let it stop you from traveling. Do avoid potentially dangerous situations, however, and follow the tips in our blog post on travel safety.

Whatever you do, pack plenty of patience and a good attitude—after all, everybody out there just wants to enjoy their trip, too.

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