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Recent Changes to Travel Requirements

There are always chances of changes to international travel requirements  – and right now is no exception. Here are some new developments which could pose trouble for travelers who aren’t prepared in advance: Do you have business that takes you to Egypt? Have you always wanted to see the pyramids up close and personal? Then… Read more »

Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day has become synonymous with fun, revelry and “the wearing o’ the green”. But where did the whole tradition begin – and do natives of Ireland actually celebrate the way Americans do? Who was St. Patrick? St. Patrick is widely known as the patron saint of Ireland. What you might not know is,… Read more »

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese Lanterns

February 19th marks Chinese New Year, which is a hugely significant event in the Chinese calendar, one marked by feasting, fireworks and festivals. The Chinese year 4713 is the Year of the Sheep and the celebration which surrounds it lasts 15 days, with New Year’s Eve serving as the kickoff event. You don’t have to… Read more »