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Application Documents

What do I need to include?
You must provide all the necessary documentation required by our instructions to support your passport application. This includes any or all of the following:
  1. Copy of your official government issued photo ID
  2. Copy of your travel itinerary
  3. Signed Letter of Authorization
  4. Certified copy of a marriage certificate (if renewing a passport containing your maiden name).
I am a divorced woman/man. I have resumed using my former name. What do I do?
  1. Your certified copy of your divorce decree MUST accompany your passport application. This will be returned to you with your new passport.
  2. Your divorce decree must state that you are resuming your former name.
  3. Your government issued photo ID must reflect the name you want to use on your passport. If none of these conditions are met, your application will be suspended/declined.
I have changed my name. What do I need?
You need a county-certified copy of a court order detailing your name change. This must accompany your birth certificate.
Why do I need the Letter of Authorization?
This gives Iratex permission to submit your passport application, pick-up your completed passport and discuss your application with the Passport Agency during the process.
On what color paper should my application materials be printed?
White paper. No exceptions.
Can I fax my documents to renew/obtain my passport?
No. Original signatures are required. If you would like us to review your paperwork before you submit, please notify us as we would be happy to look them over! Confidentiality will be maintained and our fax is secure
Can I get my passport over the phone?
Does the Letter of Authorization get sealed in the “security envelope”?
Yes! Please make 2 original Letters of Authorization and seal one and leave one paper clipped to the outside of the security envelope. This requirement only applies to New/Child/Lost passport applications.Yes! Please make 2 original Letters of Authorization and seal one and leave one paper clipped to the outside of the security envelope. This requirement only applies to New/Child/Lost passport applications.

Back Child Support

I am behind in my child support payments. Will this delay my passport?
No. It will DENY your issuance of a passport. No exceptions.
Who do I contact to clear my child support arrears?
Your State Dept. of Children and Family Services.

Certified Birth Certificate

What is a certified birth certificate?
A certified birth certificate has a registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note that some short (abstract) versions of birth certificates is not be acceptable for passport purposes. You can obtain a new certificate by contacting the state Dept. of Vital Records – Health Services or the county of your birth.
Do I need a Certified Birth Certificate?
You need a certified birth certificate, original naturalization certificate or recently expired passport. One of these documents is required in order to apply for a U.S. Passport.
What do you mean by “long-form” birth certificate?
This birth certificate contains all relevant birth information including:
  1. Mother’s name and age at time of birth
  2. Father’s name and age at time of birth
  3. Filing date and number
  4. Hospital of birth
If any of this information is missing, you probably do not have a valid birth certificate.
Are photocopies of my birth certificate or naturalization certificate accepted?
Unfortunately, no.
Will I get my birth certificate back?
It will be sent to you with your new passport.
What if I refuse to send my original birth certificate?
Then you don’t get a passport.
Where can I get a replacement birth certificate?
Click here to find information about where to find your state’s vital records.
Are hospital-issued birth certificates acceptable?
No. You must obtain a certified birth certificate from the county/state of birth.

Government Fees

How do I pay the Government Fees?
You must include a check or money order made out to the U.S. Department of State.
How much is an adult passport?
$170.00 payable to the US Dept. of State.
$170.00 payable to the US Dept. of State.
$140.00 payable to the US Dept. of State.
I thought a passport costs only $75 for me or $60 for my child?
This is true; however, in order to obtain an expedited passport you must $60 to the normal passport fee. This is a non-negotiable up-charge levied by the U.S. Dept. of State.
Are the Urgent Passport Services fees included with the government fees?
No. Our fees are separate and in addition to any governmental fees.
Do I include the $25 fee with my passport fee in one check/money order?
No. You pay this fee separately to the Passport Acceptance Agent. Generally, cash is the best form of payment.

Parental Consent

What if one parent cannot be present?
The non-appearing parent must fill out FORM DS-3053, which is PART 3 of the Child Passport print outs on our website. That form DS-3053 must be filled out and notarized by the non-present parent. The non-appearing parent must also provide a copy of their current government-issued photo ID.
What if the non-appearing parent cannot be located?
You must type out a statement relating this situation to the Passport Agency. You must provide the following information:
  1. Last known contact with the non-appearing parent
  2. Last known address of the non-appearing parent
  3. Birthplace and birthdate of the non-appearing parent (if you do not know, estimate to the best of your knowledge)
  4. Explanation of attempts to reach said non-appearing parent
  5. A sentence (or two) explaining why you are taking the child out of the country
  6. Your contact information.
If my child is 13 and under, do both parents need to take the child to the Passport Acceptance Agent?
Yes. No exceptions unless you have the ORIGINAL, notarized DS-3053 (Statement of Parental Consent) to accompany the child’s application.
If my child is 14 or 15, do both parents need to take the child to the Passport Acceptance Agent?
Yes, both parents still need to accompany the child.
What’s the deal about parental ID?
If the child is under 16, both parents must include a photocopy of their government-issued ID with the passport application.
My child is 16, do both parents need to take the child to the Passport Acceptance Agent?
No. This child is now considered an adult by the Passport Agency and can sign their own application. One parent’s ID photocopy is still required.

Passport Acceptance Agent

What is a Passport Acceptance Agent?
These are offices designated by the Dept. of State Passport Service to accept and pre-process your passport application. They basically serve to verify your identity in order combat the issuance of fraudulent passports. According to Federal Regulation, if you are applying for a new/lost/replacement passport, you must visit an Acceptance Agent to properly process your DS-11 application.
How do I make sure they are doing their job correctly?
The Post Office or County Clerk Acceptance Agent must include your certified copy/original document proving your USA citizenship. This original must be included, NOT A PHOTOCOPY. If they fail to do this, please do yourself a favor: go to another processing facility.
Where is the nearest Passport Acceptance Agent?
Click here to find the nearest Passport Acceptance Agent
Can I call you while getting my Passport Application initially processed?
Absolutely! We will try to answer your inquiries as best we can.
When do I pay the Passport Acceptance Agent fee?
You pay the $25 directly to the agent once they have sealed your security envelope.

Passport Denial

What Are Common Causes of Passport Denial
Some of the following things are cause for immediate denial of a passport:
  1. You are currently on probation
  2. You currently owe child support
  3. You are wanted for arrest
  4. You are currently in prison
  5. You have been summoned to appear in court in response to charges
I have served time in prison/on probation. Will this deny my passport application?
Not necessarily. As long as you have completed your sentence and “paid your debt to society”, you will generally be issued a passport.

Passport Photo

How do I know my photos are acceptable?
Here are the most common problems:
  1. Pictures are too dark, murky or hazy
  2. Not on a white or light colored background
  3. You are wearing that really cool cap/hat/lid/chapeau/hooded sweatshirt/headband. Unless you are wearing a head covering for religious reasons only (strummel, hijab, etc.), your head must be bare.
I have an infant. What’s the best way to take their photo?
In our experience we have found these guidelines to be very helpful:
  1. The child’s eyes must be open and facing the camera
  2. No part of your body must be visible in the photo
  3. Lay the child on the floor and take the picture from above.
Can I make my own photos on my home system?
Sure. Just be sure to make your photos 2″ x 2″ and they must be printed on photo paper. These photos must be color, taken with your head on a white/very light background and try to minimize flash reflection off your glasses (if worn).

Proof of Travel Departure

What is Proof of Travel Departure?
The U.S. government wants to see proof that you are leaving the country within the next two to three weeks. They are more than willing to process your passport application very quickly as long as you have a real travel situation that warrants it being done quickly. The two types of “Proof of Travel” are the following:
  1. A flight itinerary from an airline or a travel agent showing you as the passenger and showing the international flight information. A photocopy of this itinerary is sufficient.
  2. Company Letter of Expedite – this letter is to be typed on company letterhead and is intended for business travelers that have not yet booked their air ticket, but now that they will be departing the country a specific day.

What We Do

Does Iratex facilitate visa issuance for all passport holders?
IRATEX handles U.S passports and multi nationals for visa advice and issuance. Holders of other passports can submit detailed visa requirement requests and IRATEX will respond within 24 hours per country request.
What is a visa?
A visa is temporary permission from a foreign country to enter that country. In most cases, visas can be sought for reasons of business, leisure, schooling or religious grounds, depending on the requirements of the particular country of travel. Each of these four reasons for travel has vastly different visa application requirements by country of travel.
What is a passport?
A passport is a travel document issued by the government of a traveler’s native or adopted country as proof of citizenship.
Why do I need a visa for some countries and not others? How do I find out if I need a visa for a specific country?
Most visa requirements are based on treaties of trade and commerce, diplomatic or historical relations between nations. If you hold a passport from a country other than the U.S. please contact us. PassportMart will reply to your query within 24 hours for each country query.
What is the difference between ‘single-entry’ and ‘multiple-entry’ visas?
Depending on the reciprocal treaties governing visa issuance for each nationality, a visa may allow one entry before its expiration, or it may permit the traveler to enter at various times. A single-entry visa may only be used for one entry for the specific purpose for which it was granted. In general, the number of times that a multiple-entry visa may be used depends upon the expiration date of the visa, the nationality of the traveler, or restrictions placed on the total number of days permitted in a particular country during any year. You must be very clear in your application as to whether you require a single or multiple entry visa.
How many photographs do I need?
The number of photos required varies by consulate/embassy. Usually between 1 and 4.
How many forms do I need to fill out?
The number of forms required varies by consulate/embassy. Usually between 1 and 4.
Do I need to include an itinerary as part of my application?
In all cases an international flight itinerary is required.
In all cases an international flight itinerary is required.
No. Governments require an original signature on the completed visa form along with your passport before they can issue the visa.
I have heard that in some instances I need support documentation, what is that?
Many countries have different requirements in regard to support documentation. Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia require official support documentation. It must be prepared by the business you are visiting. This process is extremely strict and failure to comply could result in visa refusal and loss of very expensive fees.
How long do visas take to process?
Each consulate takes a different amount of time to process visas. Some can take as little as three days, whilst others can take four weeks or more.
Do I need to send you my actual passport?
Yes. Consulates and embassies require your actual passport to issue visas in all instances.
Can I get my visa upon arrival?
In limited instances yes, but we do not endorse this course of action. You run the risk of being refused boarding by the carrier. In the case of land border crossings it is generally not available as the officials there are not set up and trained to handle such situations.
If I am applying for more than one visa with you why aren’t they done simultaneously?
Each visa is applied for one at a time because your passport is required at each embassy/consulate for visa issuance.
Do you guarantee visas to be done on time?
Iratex makes every effort to ensure prompt completion of every visa. However, the actual granting of a visa is entirely up to the discretion of the appropriate embassy/consulate in all instances.
How long does my passport need to be valid?
Most countries require at least six months validity on your passport after you leave their country.
What will happen if I fill out an application form incorrectly or incompletely?
Embassies and consulates are extremely particular about the accuracy and integrity of the information you provide. An unintentional error or omission could permanently bar you from entering that country. Lengthy delays or even permanent refusal of the visa application is possible. If you are unsure of the requirements in answering a particular question, please contact us (see ‘contact us’ details).
How much do visas cost?
The actual cost of a visa varies by embassy/consulate.
Can Iratex arrange working visas?
There are a number of countries that Iratex can assist you with applications for working visas. These have varying requirements, so simply click on the ‘destination option’ on the homepage for specific instructions by country, or contact us (see ‘contact us’ details).
What happens if I delay my trip is my visa still valid?
This depends on the individual country. In many cases a visa is valid for 90 or 180 days from the date of issue. This gives you a flexible window of opportunity to enter that country. Some countries however have specific assigned dates for the visa, so it is important to give yourself enough time to change the visa if you have to. Expired visas cannot be updated or changed. New Visas will have to be applied for starting from the very beginning of the process.