Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

gift guide for travelers

Holiday season is here, which means it’s time to get your shopping lists ready. If you have any frequent travelers in your life you can rest easy when it comes time to shop for them thanks to our holiday gift guide for travelers. And if you’re the one who racks up those frequent flyer miles…well, maybe it’s time to treat yourself!

Keeping travel secure

There’s nothing an international travel dreads more than the idea of identity theft (except maybe for roaming charges on their phone bill!) since having your information stolen in a foreign country can take an already stressful situation to new levels. An RFID-enabled passport can leave travelers vulnerable, but this protective passport cover will help avoid identity theft when traveling. Protecting credit cards is also key. These RFID protective sleeves will keep precious information safe and give travelers peace of mind.

A great little stocking stuffer would be these luggage locks, which will keep belongings secure throughout lengthy trips.

Speaking of security, registering with the state department in advance of any travel is always a good idea. Advise the traveler in your life to create an account with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP.

Making it easy to pack

If there’s one thing any traveler knows, it’s the value of a well-packed suitcase. Of course there are those diehard globetrotters who swear by their ability to pack using just a single carry-on; for those travelers, this carry-on bag from Tom Bihn might be the perfect choice. For the rest of us who need a little more room, there are excellent tools such as these ingenious Pack-It Cubes that help make the most of a suitcase. And anyone who packs charging cables (which means everybody) will appreciate this cable organizer to keep everything together and tangle-free. One packing is finished, this luggage scale will help avoid any surprises at the airport – after all, those baggage fees can really add up.

Making travel convenient

Any frequent flier will appreciate a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones to make a flight less noisy and disruptive. These in-ear versions also take portability and discretion into consideration. Along with peace and quiet, another valuable commodity for the traveler is an outlet at which to charge their devices; make life easier for your traveler by buying them this USB battery pack. Packed clothing often means wrinkled clothing, but the in-room iron isn’t always reliable. If presenting a good image is key for the traveler in your life, this travel iron is the perfect solution.


These gift ideas for travelers should make your shopping easy, and are likely to keep your loved ones happy when it comes time to exchange gifts this year.

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