Visa Requirements

US Citizens

US citizens do not need a visa for tourist or business travel to this country for a stay up to 90 days, but a valid US Passport is required . Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of three months from the date of entry into Montenegro.

Non US Citizens

As a general rule, a foreigner shall submit a Montenegro Visa Application  personally. In exceptional, justified cases, a foreigner does not have to apply for a visa personally, but does need to appear at the diplomatic or consular representative office once it is issued.

In addition to the visa application, the foreigner shall submit:

  • valid travel document (the period of validity of the travel document should exceed that of the visa’s by three months);
  • one color photo 35×45 mm;
  • proof of the purpose of stay in Montenegro (letter of guarantee by a physical person or letter of invitation by a legal entity, state authority in Montenegro or organizer of an international conference or event);
  • proof of ensured accommodation (receipt from a tourist arrangement, hotel or other type of accommodation reservation that has been paid in);
  • proof of possession of means for sustenance during his stay in Montenegro, as well as for return into the country where he comes from or for travel into a third state (cash, a bank account, traveler’s checks, credit cards etc.);
  • proof of the means of travel and intention to return into the state where a foreigner comes from or into a third state (a return airplane or other transportation ticket, a driving license);
  • proof of health insurance;
  • proof that the consular fee has been charged,
  • as well as other corresponding documents based on which the purpose and ensured accommodation in Montenegro can be determined

Fore more information about visa issuance procedure, see the Rulebook on visas and visa forms (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 64/09).