4th of July Travel

4th of July weekend is one of the biggest travel holidays of the year, and this year looks to be no exception. In fact, a record-setting number of travelers are projected this year on roads alone, with AAA predicting 43 million cars over the weekend. Meanwhile, already overwhelmed security lines in airports around the country… Read more »

Travel Precautions You Can Take

travel precautions

These days, the prospect of traveling abroad can be nerve-wracking. It might even be enough to keep prospective travelers home. If this sounds like you, and you’re worried about an upcoming trip, remember that there are steps you can take to increase the odds of a safe journey. Whether you’re a seasoned business traveler or… Read more »

A Brief History of Carnival


This week marks the beginning of Carnival around the world, a festival whose ending marks the beginning of Lent. The celebration that sets the standard for all others is the one held throughout Brazil, but especially in Rio de Janeiro. As is the case for so many traditional celebrations, Carnival’s roots run deep. A brief… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

gift guide for travelers

Holiday season is here, which means it’s time to get your shopping lists ready. If you have any frequent travelers in your life you can rest easy when it comes time to shop for them thanks to our holiday gift guide for travelers. And if you’re the one who racks up those frequent flyer miles…well,… Read more »

Tips for Southwest’s New International Flights

This Fall has been a big time for air travelers. Coming off of a summer which ended with some of the lowest airfares in recent memory, this season is projected to be one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. Add to this the exciting changes from Southwest Airlines: Their new destinations to Mexico and the… Read more »

Tips for Labor Day Travel

If you managed to take advantage of low-cost airfare while booking Labor Day travel, you must have been thrilled with the more reasonable prices.  It’s a fact: Airfare prices dropped precipitously over the month of August! While this is a boon for travelers, it comes with a cost that can’t be measured in dollars –… Read more »

Seven Top Travel Apps

Imagine a time – not so long ago – when international travel meant spending hours to book a flight, find and book a hotel room, secure transportation, even research the right restaurants. If you were unfamiliar with the area you were visiting this would take even more time! Now, travel apps make planning and enjoying… Read more »

4th of July Travel Tips

4th of July is a huge travel event – especially when it falls on a weekend! In fact, AAA estimates that even more Americans will travel this year over the holiday. So what should you keep in mind if you’re one of the many heading out for an awesome 4th of July vacation? Two words: Be prepared!… Read more »

How To Make Summer Business Travel Easier

Many people equate summer travel with vacations – maybe to the beach, or a resort, or a theme park destination. But summer travel isn’t always so exciting for those on the road for business. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone…and you certainly won’t be alone in the airports, hotels and security lines! Not… Read more »