Passport Corrections

Occasionally the Passport Agency will return a passport that has a misspelled name, incorrect place of birth, etc. If you have received a passport with information errors, the passport must be resubmitted to the Passport Agency for correction.

The error must be corrected within 12 months of issue. If more than 12 months has lapsed then you must renew your passport.

No cancellations or countermands are allowed to processing at the Passport Agency


  1. One completed pre-application for error corrections completed. The application can be completed by following this link.
  2. Your actual passport (The passport with the error will not be returned to you)
  3. One  signed Letter of Authorization  Letter of Authorization – 2021-09-08 for “IRATEX Passport & Visa” to collect the passport on your behalf. The release letter must be signed in BLACK INK and dated by the applicant. Please check the first two boxes and put IRATEX PASSPORT & VISA as Courier Company Name.
    1. Proof Of Departure: Copy of airline tickets OR flight itinerary OR Company letter  Addressed to the U.S. Department of State.
  4. a. Have full name of Applicant b. Correct date of departure c. Country you are traveling to, and duration of stay d. This letter must be on letterhead and signed by someone other than the applicant e. For Passport Card Only : A letter signed by you and addressed to the US Department of State specifying your date of departure, your mode of transportation and destination.


Forward all of the above to Iratex.