Seven Top Travel Apps

Imagine a time – not so long ago – when international travel meant spending hours to book a flight, find and book a hotel room, secure transportation, even research the right restaurants. If you were unfamiliar with the area you were visiting this would take even more time!

Now, travel apps make planning and enjoying a trip much easier. Here are seven top travel apps for you to download ASAP:

  1. Skyscanner is an aggregator which compiles the airfares from airlines and travel sites, allowing you to choose the best one for you. You can even pin your search to your device’s start screen to really keep your eye on prices as they change.
  2. WorldMate is like a virtual assistant, only better. Forward your confirmation emails to a single email address and the app generates your itinerary for the trip. The premium version even provides alerts, so you’ll always know if your flight’s been delayed.
  3. XE Currency is a popular currency conversion app that uses live currency rates to ensure complete accuracy.
  4. TravelSafe features a database of emergency service phone numbers. Nobody wants to have to use them, but it’s best to be prepared, right?
  5. CityMapper does what it says: It makes traveling through a big new city easier and also features live traffic updates and takes weather-related complications into account as well.
  6. Foodspotting makes it possible to not just find a good restaurant, but to find the bestplace to find a specific dish. Who doesn’t travel to a new place with a specific dish in mind, after all.
  7. Google Translate not only helps make conversation easier by being a spot-on translator, it also features a Word Lens tool which allows users to take a photo of a foreign word and see the translation on the screen.

Finally, don’t forget to use Iratex Passport & Visa Services to ensure that your international travel documents are in order in advance of your trip. After all, nothing can bring travel to a grinding halt like a problem with paperwork.

Do you use travel apps to make your life easier? Which one is your favorite?

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