Tips for Southwest’s New International Flights

This Fall has been a big time for air travelers. Coming off of a summer which ended with some of the lowest airfares in recent memory, this season is projected to be one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. Add to this the exciting changes from Southwest Airlines: Their new destinations to Mexico and the Caribbean.

There are a number of changes between domestic and international travel on Southwest. Here are tips for Southwest’s new international flights which passengers should keep in mind:

  • When booking, enter your valid passport information on the website prior to travel, which should reduce your wait times at the airport. You can do this while booking or during the check-in process, or if you’d rather wait you can do this at the airport using a kiosk, or at the Southwest ticket counter.
  • Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to fly unaccompanied on international flights.
  • Children under the age of two require the purchase of an infant fare, regardless of whether they’re traveling as a lap child or in an FAA-approved car seat. Lap children require the payment of taxes and fees that apply to the international portion of the itinerary.
  • Senior Fares cannot be combined with other fare types in on reservation; they have to be booked in a separate itinerary.
  • There are three forms of payment accepted per purchase of an international itinerary. A credit card and/or Paypal account can be used along with Southwest gift cards, vouchers and/or reusable travel funds.

Do you plan to take advantage of these new itineraries? If so, be sure to get your passport in order – contact us here at Iratex Passport & Visa Services to be sure you’re all set prior to booking your travel!

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