Visa Requirements

US Citizen – Tourist or Business Visa

For US Citizens – No Visa is required for non-extendable stay of up to three months. Australia joined the US Visa Waiver Pilot Program in July 1996. However, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is required. The ETA should be obtained approx 30 days before departure, as rejection may take a few days to resolve. The ETA can usually be issued by most travel agents or by telephone with the Australian-bound airline carrier.

Non-US Citizen – Tourist Visa (stay up to 3 months)

  1. Valid, signed, Passport, (valid further 3 months)
  2. Australia Form 48R, fully completed and signed
  3. Australia Form 1190(Additional Character Declaration), fully completed and signed
  4. Passport Photograph
  5. Copy of itinerary
  6. Proof of financial support while in Australia (i.e. Bank Statement or travelers checks)
  7. Letter from employer confirming leave of absence and vacation dates
  8. Letter from applicant explaining plans for the stay in Australia
  9. Original Alien Resident Card or I-94 card with valid US Visa

Non-US Citizen – Business Visa (Stay up to 3 months)

  1. Your valid, signed, Passport, (valid further 3 months)
  2. Application Form 456, fully completed and signed
  3. Australia Form 1190 (Additional Character Declaration), fully completed and signed
  4. A business letter of financial responsibility is required to be typewritten on the company letterhead, and addressed to: “Embassy of Australia, Visa Section, Washington D.C.” The letter must explain the purpose of travel and duties to be performed in Australia, and guarantee financial support for the applicant while in Australia. If attending a conference in Australia, a copy of the invitation may suffice in lieu of this letter.


Tourist Visa – Stay up to 3 Months$33.00
Business Visa – Stay up to 3 Months$33.00

Visa Information

Your application will be hand carried to the Embassy and is usually processed in 3-5 business days although some countries can take up to 2 weeks.

Visa applications not fully completed may result in delays in processing. Try not to leave any question blank. Tourism is considered to be sightseeing only. If attending a conference or visiting a business associate, follow instructions for business visa.

Passport must contain two blank facing pages in order for a visa to be issued.

Special requirements exist for Official and Diplomatic passport holders.

Australian Embassy and Consulates-General are open Monday to Friday during the following hours:

Contact Houston Consulate-General
3009 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 1310
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Fax: +1 (832) 831 2022


9.00am – 5.00pmBy appointment only
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Contact Australian Embassy, Washington DC
1601 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC, 20036-2273Telephone: +1 (202) 797 3000
Fax: +1 (202) 797 3168

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