Visa Requirements

US Citizens

Stays up to 3 Months

To be admitted into the Netherlands the following is needed:

  1. Valid US passport
  2. Return airline ticket
  3. Enough money to finance your stay.

It is also advisable to make provisions, prior to your trip, for emergencies such as sudden illness and hospitalization.

Stays Longer than 3 Months

American citizens who intend to stay in Norway for a period longer than three months should note the following:

Within 8 days after arrival in Norway, the visitor must report to the head of the local police, Section Vreemdelingenpolitie, of the municipality in which he/she will be staying. The visitor must submit proof of (1) sufficient means to finance his/her stay in the Netherlands, (2) adequate housing, and (3) health insurance covering all medical/hospital costs during the stay in the Netherlands.

Non-US Citizens

In most cases the visa for Norway must be processed by what is called, Consular Jurisdiction – or, the consulate that has jurisdiction over the state in which the applicant resides – usually the nearest consulate.

In some cases/jurisdictions, there may be delays of several days, or even weeks, issuing visas for some foreigners traveling to Norway and/or a personal appearance for an interview at the consulate may be required.

The Embassy and Consulates-General of the Netherlands do not process applications for a stays beyond a 3 month period.

Please note: the Netherlands is a small country with a large population. Housing shortages and unemployment are particularly acute problems in the Netherlands. The government wants to be able to guarantee that all aliens admitted to the country will enjoy equal status and have the best possible chance of self-fulfillment. Admitting too many aliens would threaten those efforts. Given this cautious policy, only small numbers of aliens are granted permission to stay in the Netherlands for a prolonged period

What to Submit:

Before you receive a visa, authorization from the Dutch Visa Service may be required. If so, your application may be sent to the Chief of Aliens (Immigration) Police (Vreemdelingendienst) in the Netherlands for information and advice.

As it may take up to three months to process your visa application, it is essential to apply in sufficient time.

Visa fees are non-refundable and payable in cash or money order only. Visa fees will be collected at the time of application. Visas fees vary depending upon the type of visa, duration of stay and the dollar-guilder exchange rate.

The following documents should be submitted

A passport or official travel document that is valid at least three months beyond the intended stay of the applicant. Please make sure your passport has a blank page to affix the visa.

Note: if the validity of the passport or travel document does not include one or more Schengen countries, it is still possible to obtain a visa. This visa will then be restricted to those Schengen countries that accept the passport or travel document.

One original visa application form and two recent passport size photographs. Please complete the entire application form and write legibly in black ink.

Proof establishing the purpose of your trip

When visiting relatives or friends, please submit an official letter of invitation issued and certified by City Hall in the Netherlands, including a copy of the Dutch passport or valid Dutch residence card (a financial support document is required if the reference in the Netherlands is paying for your expense e.g. salary statement, recent bank statements)

For tourism, please submit confirmed hotel reservations (this is faxed from the hotel in Norway) stating the name, address and telephone of the hotel, including a confirmation number for the reservation and/or proof of participation in group travel etc.

If the purpose of your visit is business, please present a letter of support from the business reference(s) in the Netherlands and a letter from your employer stating your position within the company and the reason for your business travel to the Netherlands. Either letter should clarify who is responsible for expenses and where you will be staying (e.g. hotel reservations.)

Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the cost of your intended stay (e.g. three most recent bank statements, letter of employment, etc.).

Letter of employment stating your position, duration of employment, monthly income, and approval for the requested period of leave.

Proof that you can and will continue your trip after your visit to the Schengen countries (a confirmed itinerary should be submitted with the visa application; after the visa is approved you will need to show an original airline ticket).

If returning to the US, a valid US resident alien card or a valid US visa. Students should always present a valid I-20 form with their visa; Exchange Visitors should present a valid I-66 and visa.

If the applicant is a minor, please present written consent of the parent/guardian who has care and custody of the child. The signatures on this document must be notarized.

Proof of travel health/accident insurance.

Applicants for an airport-transit visa should submit the following documents:

Passport or official travel document, with a validity that exceeds the intended stay of the applicant by at least 6 (six) months. Please make sure your passport has a blank page to affix the visa.

A confirmed airline ticket.

Two recent passport photographs per applicant.

If returning to the US, a valid US resident alien card or a valid US visa. Students should always present an original valid I-20 form with their visa; exchange visitors should present an original valid I-66 and visa.

Please note: The Consular Department has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.

Regarding The Schengen Area

Please click here for more information regarding the Schengen area.

Travelers to Europe on business or tourism purposes may receive a visa for a short stay of one to ninety days, valid for all of the Schengen area countries. A Schengen visa issued by an embassy or consulate allows the holder to travel freely to all of these countries.

If you wish to visit only one Schengen country, you must apply through the embassy or consulate of that particular country.

If you wish to visit several Schengen countries, you must apply for a visa through the embassy or consulate of the country which is your main destination.

If you wish to visit several countries but do not have a main destination, you should apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of the country which is your first point of entry.

If you do not need a visa for the Schengen country which is your main destination or first point of entry, please note that you may require a visa for other Schengen countries you wish to visit. You should then apply through the embassy or consulate of the first country which does require a visa.