Visa Requirements


The NON-RESIDENT Visas on Arrival are provided at the “Silvio Pettirossi” International Airport in Asunción, Paraguay. Those visas will only be valid for the maximum  period of ninety (90) days.
 The requirements to obtain the Visa on Arrival are:
 1. Valid passport.
 2. Payment IN CASH for the established amount.
 Costs for the Visas on Arrival are as follows:
  • Citizens of AUSTRALIA                                               U$S 135.00
  • Citizens of CANADA                                                   U$S 150.00
  • Citizens of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA               U$S 160.00
  • Citizens of NEW ZELAND                                           U$S 140.00
  • Citizens of REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TAIWAN)             U$S 100.00
  • Citizens of RUSSIA                                                       U$S 160.00
Only citizens of the countries listed above can obtained the Visa on Arrival. Citizens of others countries must apply previously at this Embassy in person.
To obtain a non resident visa for stays more than 90 days

A valid, signed US passport. The passport must have at least 6 months remaining after the completion of your stay in Paraguay, and contain at least one blank visa page.

  • Fully completed, signed and notarized Paraguay Visa Application
  • Two (2) photo copies of the Passport’s personal information pages
  • Two (2) passport photographs
  • Two (2) copies of flight itinerary or airline tickets
  • Two (2) copies of proof of funds (i.e. company letter for business, bank statement for tourist) Provide official or company letter stating purpose of the trip, in case of an official or business trip.
  • Two (2) copies of drivers license, state ID or phone/utility bill with current address
  • If applicable, Two (2) copies of prior visas to Paraguay
  • It is mandatory that the applicant MUST appear in person when applying for VISAS to enter the Republic of Paraguay. For those applicants whom cannot appear in person, they might apply for VISAS ON ARRIVAL when they arrive at the “Silvio Pettirossi” International Airport in Asuncion-Paraguay, by paying the appropriate fee (160.00 US$). Visas requested by mail will NOT be granted.


Applicants less than 18 years old: travel authorization is required from the parents/legal guardian (legal guardians must also present the proper guardianship document). The parents/guardian may sign the application before the Consular Officer or a Notary Public, or submit a letter of authorization signed before a Notary Public. Attach copies of photo ID of parents/guardian and proof of funds


In addition to the standard Iratex fees, the following consular fees apply: Pay the multiple entry visa fee of US$ 160.00, in cash or money order payable to the Embassy of Paraguay. No personal checks.