Visa Requirements

Tourist or Business Visa

  1. A valid, signed US passport. The passport must have at least 6 months remaining after the completion of your stay in Turkmenistan.
  2. Fully completed and signed Turkmenistan Visa Application
  3. Passport photograph
  4. Invitation from person or company to be visited in Turkmenistan, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ashgabat. If the applicant is traveling as a tourist and will not be meeting anyone in Turkmenistan they must contact the Ministry of Tourism (tel: 99312-35-47-77 fax: 99312-39-67-40) which will assist in planning the visit and will provide the letter, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In addition to the standard Iratex fees, the following consular fees apply:

Stay up to 10 Days$20.00 per visa
Stay up to 20 Days$30.00 per visa
Stay up to 1 Month$40.00 per visa
Expedited Processing+50%

Visa Information

The Turkmenistan tourist or business visa is issued for a single entry within three months of issue date, for the dates of entry and exit not to exceed those stated on your invitation or tourist confirmation (for a maximum of three months).